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LUISS Guido Carli

LUISS Guido Carli


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About Us

The history of the LUISS Library

In 1966, when the Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali "Pro Deo" was founded, the Library held about 20.000 volumes, gifts from friends of the University.

Since the 1970’s, the Library’s acquisitions have supported the University's teaching and research programs.

In 1988, the Library was moved to its current location on Via di Santa Costanza, due to the growth of the Library's collection and the expansion of its services.

Description of the Library's holdings

The LUISS Guido Carli Library focuses on the social sciences, particularly law, economics and political science. In 2016, the Library's collection amounted to 99,797 books, 1,786 paper journals (567 of which are current issues) and 98 databases. The Library also provides access to 50,683 e-journals and 65,122 ebooks.

Three valuable collections enrich the Library’s holdings: the Bachelet Collection, the Ungari Collection and the Pujia Collection.

The Bachelet Collection

image-20110202In 1992, the Bachelet family donated the private law library of Vittorio Bachelet, one of LUISS's first professors (1969-1974), to the LUISS Research Center on Public Administrations. The collection includes volumes on administrative and public law.

The Ungari Collection

image-20110202In 1999, part of the private library of Professor Paolo Ungari was donated to the LUISS Library. The collection includes a number of volumes in the field of law, especially on human rights and the history of law, political history, and the history of institutions.

The Pujia Collection

image-20110202In 2000, the LUISS Library was given Senator Francesco Pujia's private library. The collection is made up of volumes on law, especially criminal law. An important section includes volumes and pamphlets on criminal (1030-31) and civil (1942) Fascist law.

The Collected Works of Guido Carli

Guido CarliThe collected works of Guido Carli, who witnessed and took part in many of the most important economic and social events in Italy in the second half of the twentieth century, is a complete collection of his writings and speeches, from his thesis in 1936 to the last articles that appeared in newspapers shortly before his passing. The full text of the documents in digital format are available in the digital library archive.

The Library's automated management system

In 1968, the LUISS Library began the automation process using a proprietary software, which at first involved cataloging the library, then its management and bibliographic procedures.

In 2000, the Library adopted AMICUS, a fully integrated library management system, for acquisitions, cataloging, circulation and searching (LibriVision).

In 2012, the Library launched the web-based modules, WeCat for cataloging and WeLoan for circulation, using @Cult's Olisuite platform

In 2013, the Library implemented  Summon, a discovery system that allows you to do a single integrated search of the majority of bibliographical and full text resources available in the LUISS Library.

The LUISS Library and other national collection catalogs

The LUISS Library is part of two national collection catalogs: the Italian Catalogue of Periodicals ACNP, and ESSPER for bibliographic information on articles in economic journals. Starting from 2017 the Library joins NILDE.

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