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Section IV

Library Services

Art. 10 - Library access

Art. 11 - Bibliographical research

Art. 12 - Distribution of monographs and periodicals

Art. 13 - Consultation

Art. 14 - Loans

Art. 15 - Return of the loan

Art. 16 - Items unavailable for loans

Art. 17 - Document delivery and Interlibrary loans

Art. 18 - Reproduction

Art. 19 - Publications


Art. 10 (R.B.) - Library access

1. The library and its services can be used by:

a) Luiss University students registered for ordinary programs;

b) Luiss University students registered for postgraduate programs with at least six months of classroom lectures;

c) Luiss University students registered for doctoral programs;

d) international exchange students;

e) the University’s academic staff;

f) the University’s administrative staff;

g) members of the Luiss Alumni Network;

h) outside users who have temporary work relationships with the University’s departments and research centers, following the presentation of a letter requesting admission and indicating the duration of the work period (available at the library and online), signed by the dean of the department or research center with which the collaboration is being conducted;

i) users of partner libraries;

j) outside users who obtain permission.

2. Furthermore, the following persons may use the library and its services for an annual fee subject to presentation of a document attesting to prior association with Luiss University:

a) Luiss alumni;

b) former Luiss academic staff;

c) anyone who took a postgraduate program with at least six months of classroom lectures or a Ph.D. offered by Luiss University or Luiss Business School.

Art. 11 (R.B.) - Bibliographical research

1. Bibliographical research is done directly by users through the online catalog.

2. The Library guarantees direct and remote assistance through a qualified bibliographic information system that supports both academic and research needs.

3. Bibliographic assistance is available in:

a) Department rooms: the Law Room, the Economics Room, the Political Science Room

b) Specialized rooms: the Monographs Room, the Periodicals Room

4. The rooms are available to the public from Monday to Saturday.

Art. 12 (R.B.) - Distribution of monographs and periodicals

1. No volume may be distributed in any form unless it has been inventoried.

Art. 13 (R.B.) - Consultation

1. Collections present in the Library's rooms are on open shelving, available immediately for consultation.

2. Access to the rooms is permitted after the users have deposited their bags in the lockers provided for this purpose.

3. In every room, four work stations are available for users to consult materials.

4. Monographs and periodicals localized in the Central Library, Law Room, Economics Room or Political Science Room may be found at the Luiss Library on Via di Santa Costanza.

5. Monographs with call mark O, from 1 to 21277, from U1 to U78999 and periodicals with the call mark G are housed in an external storeroom.

6. Items stored in the external warehouse can be requested by the users referred to in points a), b), c), d), e), f), h), i), 2.a), 2.b), 2. c) of the art. 10 of the Regulations, and are circulated by the Library staff twice weekly. Users can request up to 5 monographs and 3 periodicals per week and pick up the items within 7 days from the date of availability. Users failed to withdraw requested items will be barred from the service for 30 opening days.

Art. 14 (R.B.) - Loans

1. Users may check out materials through Library staff or self-check stations.

2. The loan policy and renewal of the loan envisage the following terms:



Loan period


Students, faculty, Ph.D. candidates, staff


40 days


Luiss Alumni Association members registered Library users


30 days


Special post-graduate program students


30 days


Additional users


7 days


3. Renewal is possible before the return date as long as other users have not reserved the same book.

Art. 15 (R.B.) - Return of the loan

1. Users may return materials through Library staff or self-check stations;

2. Any user who returns a damaged monograph is required to replace it with an exemplar from the same edition. If the work cannot be returned or replaced, the head librarian will decide how to proceed at his or her discretion; the minimum reimbursement fee is €40.00 (forty euros);

3. If materials are not returned by the due date, the user will be contacted;

4. If materials are not returned within four days of the due date, the user will be barred from checking out new materials for an equal amount of time up to a maximum suspension of 30 working days;

5. Failure to return materials is dealt with according to a user's status:

a) professors and Ph.D. candidates: the failure to return materials is reported to the user's department

b) bachelor's and master's students: the student is prevented from receiving his or her diploma

c) post-graduate students: the student is prevented from receiving the end-of-course certificate

5. Decisions regarding late returns for specific user categories or special situations are at the discretion of the head librarian.

Art. 16 (R.B.) - Items unavailable for loans

1. The following may not be borrowed:

a) encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographical repertories, codes, censuses and, in general, reference and consultation works used frequently in reading rooms;

b) textbooks;

c) periodicals;

d) exemplars with autographed dedications of famous figures;

e) works published before 1920;

f) volumes from the Bachelet, Pujia and Ungari Collections;

f) any publication that the head librarian decides should not be lent, due to particular and specific needs.

Art. 17 (R.B.) - Document delivery and interlibrary loans

1. These services permit access to the collections of other libraries and, at the same time, Luiss Library makes its bibliographical resources available by mutual agreement.

2. The methods for providing these services are established by the operating regulations published on the library’s website.

Art. 18 (R.B.) - Reproductions

1. The Periodicals Room, the Monographs Room and the Department Rooms are all equipped with scanners that are available to users.

2. Reproduction of documents is allowed in accordance with current law and as long as it does not damage the documents.

Art. 19 (R.B.) - Publications

The library publishes:

a) a guide to services;

b) monthly statistics;

c) an annual report.