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Electronic resources


What is Summon?

Summon is a discovery system to do a single integrated search of the Library holdings and of other relevant resources available in open access. The tool searches also the following institutional archives: LuissThesis.

How can I search the Library catalog?

Both printed and electronic collections are searchable through Summon also off-campus.

How do I request a book?

Once you have found the book in Summon, note its location and take if from the open shelves for internal consultation. If you would like to borrow the book, ask a librarian or use one of the self-check stations.

Where can I find information about journals available at the Library?

You can search the Journal search to find information regarding the location or the online access, if available.


Can I access the Library after graduation?

Luiss alumni may access the Library and its services by obtaining an annual membership. For more information call 06.8522.5600.

I do not attend Luiss University. Can I access the Library?

External users can only access the Library printed collections if owned exclusively by Luiss and not by other institutions in Rome. Special memberships are also available.

How many books can I consult? How many can I borrow?

Users may access items on open shelves without restrictions. According with the loan policies, Luiss Community may borrow up to 10 books for 40 days; participants in special courses, external library members or members of the Luiss Alumni Association may borrow up to 3 books for 30 days.

Can I renew books I have borrowed?

Yes. Books that have not been requested by other borrowers can be renewed in person, by phone (06.8522.5600), via email ( or through the My account section of Summon.

What can I do if the book I need has been loaned?

By reserving books already taken, you have the right to check it out as soon as they are available.

Can I scan documents in the Library?

Items can be scanned in compliance with current copyright regulation and where it does not affect their preservation. Eleven self-service scanners are available in the Library.

Are services available for users with disabilities?

The Library offers users with disabilities assistance and technical tools to ensure access to bibliographic information.

Electronic resources

Can I access the Library electronic resources from an off-campus location?

Many of the Library electronic collections can be accessed off-campus through the remote access connection.

Can I access the Library electronic resources if I am an external user?

No. The electronic resources are only available to the Luiss community.

What can I do if I have issues accessing the electronic resources?

Write to or call +39.06.8522.5602.

Can I save my research results? 

The results of research carried out in the Library can be saved on a USB key or sent to a Luiss email account. Visit the Guides section to find furhter information about research strategies, resources, and tools to manage citations and bibliographies.

Are there English language electronic resources?

The Library subscribes to a number of foreign electronic resources, both in English and in other languages such as French or Spanish. You can search a complete list or filter results in Summon by language.