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Electronic resources in the legal fields


Italian laws and regulations

DeJure Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre

  • Law Maxims: collection of over a million maxims, expressed by the Constitutional Court, Civil and Criminal Court of Appeal and other 64 authorities on procedure and on merit;
  • Sentences of the Civil Court of Appeal: full text of a vast selection starting from 1986 and full collection from 2006 on;
  • Sentences of the Criminal Court of Appeal: full text of a vast selection starting from 1995 and full collection from 2006 on (except for those of Section VII);
  • Administrative sentences: full text of a vast selection of sentences from the regional administrative courts and Council of State starting from 1998, of the Court of Auditors starting from 2001 and from the Council of Administrative Justice for the Region of Sicily starting from 2005;
  • Sentences on merit: full text of a vast selection of the most important verdicts issued in all of the Italian courts starting from 2001.
  • Legislation and practice
  • Collection of legislative measures in the version in force from 1945 and an ample selection of previous regulations. Texts are reported also in their historical text as originally published in the Gazetta Ufficiale;
  • Collection of circulars, notes, and resolutions starting from 1998;
  • Regional and European legislation;
  • Codes in the version in force with preliminary provisions, implementing provisions and regulations. Enhanced by editorial comments and notes.

Tax law database containing all of the most important regulatory measures on tax matters, from 1972 to today, coordinated and annotated; as well as the most relevant ministerial guidelines, law, explanatory comments, a historical archive and tax expiration dates.

Guritel - Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana (open access)
Includes various databases with regard to important public information, brought together in the following major archives: General Series from 1988 on and in PDF, certified from 2009 on, including ordinary and extraordinary supplements; Competition and Examination Series (from 1999 on); Public Contract Series (from 2007 on); Regional Series (from 1988 on); Insertion sheet (from 2007 on).

Il Fallimentarista
Online platform published by Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre regarding the bankruptcy and other Italian insolvency proceedings.

Il Familiarista
Online portal for information and analysis on Family law supported by a thematic database with hypertext links to the articles of the law and the judgments of the judges of legitimacy and merit present in the single document.

Il Foro Italiano [The Italian Court] 
The database is made up of various archives: the Law archive includes the official maxims of the sentences of the Civil Court of Appeal and the Criminal Court of Appeal published in the electronic archives up to now, as well as the maxims of measures published in the Index of the Italian Court from 1981 on; the archive of the Civil Court of Appeal includes entire decisions and the related official maxims from 1997 to today, as well as the official maxims published in the Procedures of the Italian Court from 1990 on; the bibliographical archive includes all bibliographic references published in the Italian Court from 1981 to now. Il Merito extra contains, from 2006 on: a collection of unpublished measures on merit in the journal "The Italian Court" and the extrapolation of related points relevant for the decisum, classified on the basis of entries and subentries of the Index of the Italian Court.

Il Giuslavorista
Online portal for information and analysis on Labour law supported by a thematic database with hypertext links to the articles of the law and the judgments of the judges of legitimacy and merit present in the single document.

Italgiure web (only in the Law Room)
The Documentation Center of the Court of Appeal allows access to several archives such as: law from the civil and criminal court of appeal (collected from the maxims formulated by the Office of Maxims with coverage dating back to 1981 plus a selection dating back to 1930 for civil maxims and to 1951 for criminal maxims), of the Council of State, the Court of Auditors, the regional administrative courts, aside from a selection of law on merit; the law of the CEDU; state, regional and EC regulations (with the original PDF of the G.U 1860 to 1946); the full text of the sentences of the Constitutional Court; the doctrine (dating back to 1970).

The database was created from the integration of various products published by the CEDAM, UTET Giuridica and IPSOA publishing houses. Within Pluris you can consult the databases currently published by UTET Giuridica (Index of Law, Civil Court of Appeal, Criminal Court of Appeal, Law on merit, Constitutional Court, administrative law, EC law, Notes to the sentences, original and current national legislation, regional legislation, EC legislation, policies and forms). It also gives access to UTET’s Hypertext Codes.

Sistema Leggi d'Italia
Current, coordinated version of all Italian laws in force, with legal comments, article by article, from all of the superior courts, the doctrine of important jurists and historical texts. The historical section contains all legislative measures that have been amended and/or repealed since 1989, in their full draft with the related editorial notes. Corresponds to the binder: Leggi d’Italia [Laws of Italy] – current text, edited by Vittorio De Martino. Contains archives as well: regional laws, EC law, procedure, aside from the annotated codes.

With regard to law it allows searches both within the Index and within the individual full text archives.

International regulations and law

A vast collection of research materials in the field of law, made up of several libraries, such as:

  • World Constitutions Illustrated: archive containing full texts in the original language and English translations of the constitutions of all the countries in the world, accompanied by comments and resources related to the constitutional and political history of the country.
  • Complete archive of U.S. Treaties and Agreements and other legal material such as the Federal Register, U.S. Reports, and the online edition of English Reports.

IBDF Online (only in the Law Room)
International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation makes its most important publications available online. The Library can access the following archives: European Tax Handbook (information related to the tax system of 41 countries and jurisdictions in Europe, as well as in Canada and the United States); Tax News Service (with reports and news starting from 1988); European Taxation Database (also contains EC legal material); Tax Treaties Database (with over 5,000 international treaties, continuously updated).

NexisUni (LexisNexis Academic)
Portal of legal and economic information. Gives access to over 35,000 sources and documents US and European legislation and law, all US Case Law, federal and state administrative codes.

Oxford Reports on International Law
Portal for access to law related to International Law. Currently the Library accesses 2 distinct modules:

  • ILDC (International Law in Domestic Courts): pertinent law for over 70 jurisdictions with regard to International Law and its implementation in individual countries, with a translation in English and academic commentary. The archive starts in 2000 with a vast selection of previous years dating back to 1900.
  • ICGJ (International Courts of General Jurisdiction): law of the most important and general international courts, such as the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of International Justice, with brief comments. The archive starts in 2000 with a vast selection from previous years going back to 1922. Texts in the original language of the country with a translation in English.

Italian electronic scholarship and publishing

Cambridge Core Books Social Sciences
Access to 22,000 books published by Cambridge University Press relating to the Social Sciences collection which includes the following disciplines: Anthropology, Archeology, Economics, History, Law, Management, Politics & International Relations, Psychology, Sociology.

Mulino’s database gives access to the full text of around 600 monographs published by this publishing house within its scientific research series since 2000. Around 120 e-books related to the legal field are available.

Archive of legal scholarship that contains abstracts of articles published in over 470 Italian periodicals (including notes to the sentences, reviews, comments on legislation, conference papers, critical reviews). Every record is made up of the following: bibliographical references for each individual contribution; abstracts, edited by ITTIG, indicative of the topics covered by the author and the orientation of the arguments; one or more classification codes that identify the legal area; details of regulatory and legal sources cited by the author of the contribution.

Edicola Professionale WKI
Periodicals by the eponymous publishing house. A preview is available for the last issue published and the collection of past volumes for the following titles:

  • Amministrazione e finanza (1986-)
  • Azienda e fisco (1995-2014)
  • Corriere tributario (1987-)
  • Dialoghi Tributari (2008-)
  • Diritto e Pratica del Lavoro (1993-)
  • PMI (1995-2014)

The collection subscribed to by the Library includes the following titles within the legal field:

  • Cittadinanza europea [European Citizenship] (2010-)
  • Democrazia e diritto [Democracy and Law] (2003-)
  • Diritti umani e diritto internazionale [Human Rights and International Law] (2007-2012)
  • Diritto immigrazione e cittadinanza [Immigration and Citizenship Law] (2000-)
  • Giornale di diritto del lavoro e di relazioni industriali [Journal of Labor Law and Industrial Relations] (2/2000-)
  • Minorigiustizia: rivista interdisciplinare di studi giuridici, psicologici, pedagogici e sociali sulla relazione fra minorenni e giustizia [Minorigiustizia: the interdisciplinary review of legal, psychological, pedagogical and social studies on the relationship between minors and justice] (2000-)
  • Parlamenti regionali [Regional Parliaments] (2001-2005)
  • Questione giustizia [Justice Issues] (2000-)
  • Ritorno al Diritto [Return to Law] (2005-2008)
  • Rivista Italiana di diritto del turismo [Italian Review of Tourism  Law] (2011-)

Contains a vast selection of articles published in journals: Il Fisco [Taxation] (since 1986), Rassegna tributaria [Tax Review] (since 1988), Impresa commerciale e industriale [Commercial and Industrial Enterprise] (since 1997). The database is now enriched by the full text archive of Fisconline scholarship which contains the full text of around 25 journals specialized in tax issues, such as Amministrazione & Finanza [Administration & Finance], Azienda & Fisco [Companies & Taxation], Corriere tributario [Tax Courier], Dialoghi tributari [Tax Dialogues], GT, Trust and Attività fiduciarie [Fiduciary Activities].

The Italian Court (only in the Law Room)
Contains all material published in the journal from 1987 to today: the text of sentences and decisions, maxims, brief articles in bold, notes to sentences and notes to references, and monographs. 

GiustAmm (only in the Law Room)
This periodical, edited by the Polygraph and National Mint Institute since 2000, constitutes a tool for updating and research on administrative law. The database allows you to search all of the most important documents on the subject, issued from 1996 to now. Specifically, three archives are available: Jurisprudence: thousands of decisions of the regional administrative courts, the Council of State, the other ordinary and special jurisdictional bodies, complete with maxims, pre-maxims, comments, related texts and regulatory references; Scholarship: articles, essays, reports, conference papers and studies from authoritative lawyers and students of public law; Regulations: administrative acts and procedures, with official texts, comments, references to laws and scholarship, as well as ongoing regulations and suspensive decrees. The bimonthly review, Administrative Justice, is supported by the Internet review

Library of Periodicals GFL
Online historical archive of 45 periodicals from Giuffrè Editore. Over 5,000 records starting in 1975 that faithfully reproduce the structure and graphics of the print version. Articles contained in the database can be accessed through free-text searches, by date or by publication details (number and year of issue). The main titles are:

  • Banca Borsa e Titoli di Credito [Bank Stock Exchange and Credit Instruments] (since 1975) 
  • Cassazione Penale [Criminal Court of Appeal] (since 1975)
  • Diritto del Commercio Internazionale [International Trade Law] (since 1987) 
  • Diritto dell’Informazione e dell’Informatica [Information and IT Law] (since 1985) 
  • Diritto di Famiglia e delle Persone [Family Law and Law Regarding Persons](since 1975) 
  • Giurisprudenza Commerciale [Commercial Law] (since1975) 
  • Responsabilità Civile e Previdenza [Civil Liability and Pensions] (since 1975) 
  • Rivista dei Dottori Commercialisti [Review of Chartered Accountants] (since 1975) 
  • Rivista del Notariato [Review of Notaries] (since 1975) 
  • Rivista dell'arbitrato [Arbitration Review] (since 1991) 
  • Rivista delle Società [Review of Companies](since 1975) 
  • Rivista di Diritto Industriale [Review of Industrial Law] (since 1975) 
  • Rivista di Diritto Internazionale [Review of International Law] (since 1975) 
  • Rivista Italiana di Diritto del Lavoro [Italian Review of Labor Law] (since 1975) 
  • Rivista Italiana di Diritto e Procedura Penale [Italian Review of Criminal Law and Procedure] (since 1975) 
  • Rivista Italiana di Medicina Legale [Italian Review of Forensic Medicine] (dal 1979) 
  • Rivista trimestrale di diritto pubblico [Quarterly Review of Public Law] (dal 1975)

Library of Books GFL
Full text of monographs published by the Giuffrè publishing house. The Library accesses a selection of texts (around 900) acquired starting in June 2007.

Lexitalia Premium (only in the Law Room)
Internet review of public law edited by Giovanni Virga, including documents published in the review,, over the entire course of its activity. It contains 3 main databases: a scholarship database (over 72,000 titles, including about 2,300 available in full text), a jurisprudence database (over 80,000 maxims), and a legislation database, including the main provisions published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale over the last 15 years.

My WKI library
Integral text of the monographs published by publishing houses within the Wolters Kluwer Italia group: Cedam, Ipsoa and UTET Giuridica. The Library has access to a selection of texts (around 1,150) published since 2005.

The database was created out of the integration of various products edited by the publishing houses CEDAM, UTET Giuridica and IPSOA. Within Pluris, you can search the majority of the journals of the three publishing houses, including:

  • Contratto e impresa [Contracts and Enterprise], CEDAM, 1995-
  • Diritto e pratica tributaria [Law and Tax Practice], CEDAM, 1998-
  • Nuova Giurisprudenza Civile Commentata [New Civil Jurisprudence with Comments], CEDAM, 1995-
  • Rivista di Diritto Civile [Review of Civil Law], CEDAM, 1995-
  • Rivista di Diritto Processuale [Review of Procedural Law], CEDAM, 1995-
  • Ambiente e sviluppo [Environment and Development], Ipsoa, 1995-
  • Contratti [Contracts], Ipsoa, 1993-
  • Corriere Giuridico [Legal Courier], Ipsoa, 1984-
  • Danno e responsabilità [Loss and Liability], Ipsoa, 1996-
  • Diritto industriale [Industrial Law], Ipsoa, 1994-
  • Diritto penale e processo [Criminal and Procedural Law], Ipsoa, 1995-
  • Fallimento [Bankruptcy], Ipsoa, 1988-
  • Famiglia e diritto [Families and Law], Ipsoa, 1994-
  • Giornale di diritto amministrativo [Journal of Administrative Law], Ipsoa, 1995-
  • GT: Giurisprudenza Tributaria [Fiscal Jurisprudence], Ipsoa, 1994-
  • Lavoro nella giurisprudenza [Labor in Jurisprudence], Ipsoa, 1993-
  • Notariato [Notaries], Ipsoa, 1995-
  • Società [Companies], Ipsoa, 1987-
  • Urbanistica e appalti [Urban Planning and Contracts], Ipsoa, 1997-
  • Giurisprudenza Italiana [Italian Jurisprudence], UTET, 1990-
  • Quotidiano Legale [Legal News] 2007-

Pluris also allows access to the Codici Ipertestuali [Hypertext Codes] and to the Digesto from UTET.

Il Mulino online journals
Electronic archive of Il Mulino journals: over 50 issues are currently available in electronic format, of which around 18 are in the legal area.
Some of these are: Amministrare [Administration]Analisi giuridica dell’Economia [Legal analysis of the economy]Lavoro e Diritto [Labor and Law]Le Regioni [The Regions]Quaderni Costituzionali [Constitutional Notebooks]Rivista giuridica del Mezzogiorno [Legal Journal of the South].
Volumes dating back to 1997 are available.

International electronic scholarship and publishing

A vast collection of legal research material, made up of several libraries, such as:

  • Law Journal Library: the full text of over 1,700 legal periodicals in English in electronic format;
  • Foreign & International Law Resources Database (FILRD): a collection dedicated to International Law, including the full text of around 160 publications, including those of the American Society of International Law and numerous yearbooks of international importance;
  • Legal Classics: the full text of over 3,000 monographs in English selected from the great classics of legal literature.

IBDF Online (only in the Law Room)
Allows access to the full text of the following periodicals: Asia-Pacific Tax BulletinBulletin for International Fiscal DocumentationInternational Transfer Pricing JournalInternational VAT MonitorDerivatives & Financial Instruments, European Taxation (starting from 1999).

Kluwer Law International - Digital Book Platform
Digital platform provided by Kluwer Law International. It contains approximately 2,700 ebooks in legals available through a search or the simple scrolling from the homepage. Among the available subjects: Antitrust, Competition Law, Arbitration, Litigation & Mediation, Banking, Commercial Law, Comparative Law, Corporate Law, Energy & Environmental Law, European Union Law, Intellectual Property, International Law, Labor & Employment Law, Tax Law, Trade Law and Transportation Law.

Kluwer Law Online journals
Access to the full electronic text of 21 periodicals published by Kluwer Law International, such as: Business Law Review, Common Market Law Review, EC Tax Review, European Review of Private Law and Legal Issue of Economic Integration. 

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law
The electronic, continuously updated version of the Encyclopedia of Public International Law published in hard copy in consecutive editions between 1991 and 2001 and online, starting in 2004. New entries are added several times during the year.

NexisUni (LexisNexis Academic)
Gives access to over 35,000 sources, such as news, legal information, business, international legislation, general and legal newspapers. Contains the full text of the majority of legal periodicals in English, such as the major journals of American law schools and ABA publications.

Oxford Scholarship Online
”Virtual” library giving access to the monographs published by Oxford University Press, including around 900 volumes in the field of “Law”.

Electronic periodicals from the following publishing houses are also available:

Online resources with free access

Some examples: