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Electronic resources in Economics


Bibliographic research

EconLit with Full Text
Over 785,000  bibliographic registrations supplied with abstracts related to the international literature on economic science (periodical articles, monographs, conference proceedings, dissertations). The database supplies the full text of reviews published by the Journal of Economic Literature starting in 1994 and from the Index of Economic Articles.

Survey of Italian periodicals in economics, law, the social sciences and history.

MathSciNet: Mathematical Reviews on the web
The database, including Mathematical Reviews (MR) and Current Mathematical Publications (CMP) covers the international literature related to mathematics starting in 1864: it contains over 2 million records.  Over  700,000  have a direct link to the full text of the document. The records, which include summaries, regard articles from around 1,800 international mathematics journals, as well as 7,500 monographs, proceedings, doctoral theses and annual technical reports.

Search over 470,000  abstracts of working papers in the area of social sciences (full  text available for around 390,000 documents).

Financial analysis and statistical/macroeconomic data

Aida (only in the Economics Room)
Database of statistical and financial analyses, detailed financial statements in accordance with the IV EEC Directive, information on stakeholding and management for around 280,000 Italian companies.

Bloomberg (in the Economics Room and in Room 301 at Viale Romania)
Financial and economic information for chronological research and analysis, even frequently, on ordinary shares, market indices, bonds, credit ratings, company financial statements, interest and exchange rates, macroeconomic data, futures and options, warrants, commodities, bond indices and CDS. The platform allows for the analysis and real-time monitoring of financial markets, as well as the ability to execute orders transmitted on electronic networks.

Cb Insights
The database contains data and analyses relating to the international venture capital market, startups, patents, agreements and partnerships. It reports financial information on the distribution over time of loans and capital flows. The available documents, original and owned by CB Insights, are reports, briefings, graphic information. Analyses can be customized by creating charts and reports. The platform also provides access to a large database of news that can be analyzed to understand the trend related to technological developments and the attention of the media on various topics.

Datamonitor360 / MarketLine Advantage
The databases give access to economic and financial information published by the Datamonitor Group:

  • over 4,000 active industry profiles (with market data and analysis);
  • 34,000 active company profiles (with statistical and historical information, market information on the company; SWOT Analysis);
  • 110 country profiles;
  • case studies, company news, and information sheets regarding financial transactions
  • country statistics (macroeconomic and demographic indicators for over 200 countries, both historical and forecasts).

IMF Statistical Databases
Access to three of the main statistical databases of the IMF:

  • International Financial Statistics (IFS): 32,000 historical series related to over 200 countries with regard to Exchange Rates and Exchange Rate Arrangements, Fund Accounts, Government Finance, Interest Rates, International Liquidity, International Transactions, Monetary Statistics, National Accounts and Population, Prices, Production, and Labor.
  • Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS): supplies data related to export and import, especially: Composition of country, world, and area pages, Consistency between partner country data, Currency, Estimation procedures.
  • Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS): reports the historical series in aggregate and in detail for the balance of payments and the country’s international investments.

Market Data Analytics (MarketLine)
Database containing market analysis for around 50 countries and over 30 market sectors (food and drink, home and garden, personal care, pet care, tobacco). Allows the visualization and downloading of historical data dating back to 2000 and forecasts on: Market value, Market volume, Company shares, Brand shares, Distribution.

Moody's Analytics BankFocus (only in the Economics Room)
Global database containing information on over 30,000 public and private banks all over the world. Historical series of data dating back to 1992 (yearly and half-yearly data) with over 200 variables and 36 indices of precalculated financial statements. Some of the many forms that can be viewed are: stakeholding and shareholders, ratings, and scans of original financial statements.

OECD iLibrary
Portal for the digital library of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) that allows you to search statistics: statistical data can be downloaded as interactive datasets in .csv or .xls format. The data concerns the main economic and social indicators for member countries of the OCSE, but also contain several indicators for important countries that are not part of the Organization. This data can also be accessed via the OECD.Stat. portal.

Orbis (only in the Economics Room)
Database of financial and statistical analysis concerning listed and non-listed international companies, banks, and insurance companies (over 180 millions companies) all over the world. It contains detailed financial statements, information on Corporate Governance, and information on M&A.

Osiris (only in the Economics Room)
Database of financial and statistical analysis concerning listed international companies, banks, and insurance companies (48,000 companies) as well as non-listed companies (23,500 companies) all over the world. It contains detailed financial statements, information on Corporate Governance, and information on M&A.

Refinitiv Workspace Eikon/Datastream (in the Economics Room and in Room 301 at Viale Romania)
Financial and economic information for research and chronological analysis on ordinary shares, market indices, bonds, company financial statements, interest and exchange rates, macroeconomic data, futures and options, warrants, commodities, bond indices and CDS.

German platform that collects statistics, reports, dossiers and studies based on data from both internal surveys and over 18,000 secondary sources.

Zephyr (only in the Economics Room)
The Zephyr add-on module is dedicated to M&A transactions and is part of the three Bureau van Dijk databases that the Library subscribes to: AidaMoody's Analytics BankFocus, Orbis and Osiris.

Electronic periodicals - full text

BancheDati24 (Sole 24 Ore)
The database allows access to the complete text of articles published in the newspaper, including inserts and supplements, starting from 1984. It also gives access to articles published in other periodicals from Sole 24 Ore, such as L’impresa and Mark up.

Business Source Ultimate
Full text and bibliographic citations for articles taken from over 3,000 scientific periodicals on economics and the social sciences (full text for around 2,400 peer-reviewed e-journals) and from around 2,000 specialized magazines. Business Source Complete also gives access to over 40,000 specialized sources, such as e- books, Company Profiles, SWOT Analysis, Industry Reports (such as those produced by Datamonitor), Case Studies and Market Research Reports. Allows for navigation by subject using a thesaurus created by specialists at the EBSCO.

Online educational service in the economic and financial field, created by Factiva, one of the Dow  Jones & Reuters group of companies, which makes available over 10,000 informational sources from 152 countries in 22 languages in a single interface. Some of the major newspapers available are: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, Financial Times, Les Echos, South China Morning Post, Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, Straits Times, Yomiuri Shimbun, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and The Irish Times. Some of the Italian sources distributed as part of this service are ANSA, Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, La Repubblica, Italia Oggi and Sole 24 Ore (from 2001 to 2007).

Financial Times
Complete access to the contents of platform.

Portal giving access in full text electronic format of periodicals published by INFORMS (The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences). Some of the periodicals available are: Operations Research (1952-), Management Science (1954-), Transportation Science (1967-), Mathematics of Operations Research (1976-), Marketing Science (1982-), Organization Science (1990-).

JSTOR: Mathematics & Statistics
Complete text of the historic collection of over 100 of the most important international periodicals related to mathematics and statistics. Coverage is for all mastheads starting with number 1, but cannot be republished for three years.

OECD iLibrary
Portal of the digital library of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) that allows you to search among periodicals: the complete full text of journals (journals, statistical periodicals, reference works)  and working papers, as well as two other At a glance publications "OECD factbook" and "STI Scoreboard".

Rivisteweb Il Mulino
Electronic archive of the Mulino’s magazines: over 50 mastheads are currently available in electronic format, 15 of which in the field of economics. Among these: Economia dei ServiziL’Industria,   Mercato   Concorrenza   e   Regole,   Micro   &   Macro   Marketing,   Rivista   economica   del Mezzogiorno. Years starting from 1997 are available.

The New York Times
Complete access to the contents of the New York Times platform.

The Wall Street Journal
Complete access to the contents of the Wall Street Journal platform.

Electronic periodicals from the following publishing houses are also available:


Cambridge Core Books Social Sciences
Access to 22,000 books published by Cambridge University Press relating to the Social Sciences collection which includes the following disciplines: Anthropology, Archeology, Economics, History, Law, Management, Politics & International Relations, Psychology, Sociology.

Mulino’s database gives access to the full text of around 600 monographs published by the  publishing house within its scientific research series dating back to 2000. Around 90 e-books on economics are available.

Handbooks Elsevier
Manuals published by the Elsevier publishing house and available in full text in electronic format for the following series: Handbooks in Economic Series, Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Sciences, the Handbook of Statistics, and the Handbook of Numerical Analysis.

McGraw-Hill eTexts
Digital library containing a selection of monographs in Italian and English published by McGraw-Hill and belonging to the Library's Course Reserves collection.

New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics
This dictionary, in its second edition of 2008, is considered by economists to be a fundamental reference and, in its 8 printed volumes, reflects the current state of the economy. The online edition contains 1,977 entries, over 1,000 of which were written for the 2nd edition. Access to the other 1,900 entries from the original 1987 edition is provided as well.

OECD iLibrary
Portal of the digital library of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) that allows searches of all the monographs and reports published by the OECD dating back to the ‘60s.

Oxford Scholarship Online
Virtual library giving access to over 1,500  titles of monographs published by Oxford University Press. Over 500 e-books covering the economic-financial field are available.

Assinform Report on Computers, Telecommunications and Multimedia Content
(remote access through Summon discovery)
Annual report of the Italian Association for Information Technology, dedicated to ICT and IT in Italy and in Europe, from 2006 on.

Springer Ebooks - Business & Economics
Full text in electronic format of volumes published by the Springer publishing house within the Business & Economics series. Access is for all volumes with a 2013 copyright (published from October 2012 on).

Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics
Full text in electronic format of volumes published in the eponymous series of the Springer publishing house. Access is for all volumes from the first one (1964) up to now.

Wiley Online Books My collection
Selected titles belonging to the collection Business, Economics, Finance, & Accounting by Wiley Online Books.

Yearbook: Film, Television, Video and Multimedia in Europe
Electronic version of the yearbook published by the European  Audiovisual Observatory that presents statistical and financial data related to the audiovisual markets and industry in 36 European countries, from 2005 on.

Online resources with open access

  • information on international stock markets
  • company information made available by individual companies on the web
  • institutional documentation, like the publications of the Bank of Italy and the central banks
  • official statistical documentation

Some examples: