How do I find financial and statistical data

Search the economic databases

  • You can find budget items for Italian firms (both quoted on the stock exchange and unlisted) searching Aida
  • You can find budget items for foreign firms (both quoted on the stock exchange and unlisted) searching Orbis; synthetic data on the quoted firms are available through Eikon-Datastream by Refinitive Workspace, Bloomberg and Factiva.
  • Searching MarketLine you can access company and industry profiles created by Datamonitor.
  • Eikon-Datastream by Refinitiv Workspace and Bloomberg also provide data concerning markets and stocks, market indexes, bonds, exchange rates and interest rates, futures and options, warrants, and commodities.
  • Moody's Analytics BankFocus provides complete data on public and private banks from all over the world.
  • With Eikon-Datastream by Refinitiv Workspace you can find and process macroeconomic indicators from all over the world.
  • Searching the OECDLibrary portal you have access to all of the publications and statistical databases of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, including their Main Economic Indicators and OECD Economic Outlook.
  • Statista can help to discover statsreports, dossier and studies.

PLEASE NOTE: databases with direct links provide direct access from the Luiss web or remotely by proxy. Databases without direct links can only be accessed from the Library or specific terminal in the campus.

Find documents that are freely available on the Internet

Search the LIUC Virtual Library, the index created by Carlo Cattaneo University of Castallanza, particularly in the area of Economics and Statistics, to discover all the sites available on the internet, but remember that:

  • Many firms and banks publish financial statements or other information regarding different aspects of their financial activities on their webpage.
  • Most stock markets, as well as the Italian Stock Exchange, have an official webpage where you can find data on stocks, quotations, negotiations and other documents.
  • The Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) publishes the bulk of its publications and statistical research about Italy, including national and regional economic information, on its website. Other websites concerning specific issues, such as I.Stat, contain more than 11,000 sets of historical data on short-term indicators dealing with industry and services (free registration). There is also Demo-Geodemo, which provides more recent official data on the populations living in Italian municipalities, taken from surveys in the General Register Offices.
  • Economic statistics concerning the banking system; interest rates, exchange rates, money supplies, payment balances, and public finance, are available on the Bank of Italy’s statistical database.
  • Economic statistics concerning the labor market are processed and published on the INPS (i.e. the National Social Security Administration) page.
  • Economic statistics concerning the productive process and commerce are published on the Unioncamere (which is an Italian Trade Confederation) page.