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How do I...research a topic

Identify important keywords, in English and/or other languages, that will allow you to narrow down the topic you are interested in, or for legal research, useful regulatory references, such as an article within the Code or a specific law.

What type of material are you looking for? Books, manuals, or articles from periodicals? Financial data or statistics? Having a clear idea what documents you need is essential in order to decide which database to search.

Consult the catalogs and/or databases that are most relevant to your research, remembering that everyone has their own research methods, such as the various wildcard characters or the use of Boolean operators, but that no matter which method you choose, you will find a usage guide.

Always carefully read the bibliography of the works you find: it is a great starting point for locating other material relevant to your research that has already been selected by someone who knows the topic. 

Remember that the Library staff is available if you are unsure about anything or have any questions.  
Write to for general questions on the electronic resources available at our Library and how they work.

Or use our online service, Ask a Librarian, to receive help on how to establish a research strategy or to get bibliographical information and/or other documents on a specific topic.