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Electronic Resources


What is Summon?

Summon is a discovery system that allows you to do a single integrated search of the majority of bibliographical and full text resources available in the LUISS Library and of other relevant, open source resources, as well as of the following institutional archives: LUISSearchLUISSThesis and Digital library.

How can I access the Library catalog?

All users web-wide have open access to LUISS Guido Carli’s Library catalog.

What does the Library catalog contain?

The catalog provides bibliographic descriptions of all the resources owned by the Library, and indicates where copies are located and whether they are available.  Books, journals, articles, PhD dissertations, and electronic resources are available in the Library catalog.  The journal section is being updated, therefore if you are looking for current information, please consult the catalog of periodicals.

How do I request a book?

Once you have found the desired book, click on “copies” and take note of the shelf number. You can then ask for the book at the Delivery Room.

Where can I find information about journals owned by the Library?

You can search the catalog of periodicals, where you will find information regarding the location, ownership and online access, if available.


How do I access the Library?

If you are an institutional user, you simply have to show your LUISS card.  If you don’t have it, you must then show a valid identity card.

Can I access the Library even after I have finished my first/second level master's degree program or doctoral degree program at LUISS Guido Carli or LUISS Business School (LBS)?

Anyone who has attended a doctoral degree program or a first/second level master's degree program (> 3 month course attendance) at LUISS or LBS can access the Library through an annual subscription. For further information contact:

I do not attend LUISS University.  Can I access the Library anyway?

External users can access certain services by appointment only. For further information contact:

How many books can I consult? How many can I borrow?

On a daily basis, every user may consult up to 8 books, which can be loaned for the day.  As for the Library’s loan policy:

  • Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and Erasmus students can borrow up to 5 books for 30 days
  • Students in their last academic year, up to 10 books for 40 days
  • Teaching staff and Ph.D. students, up to 15 books for 45 days
  • ALL members, MBA students, and postgraduates attending a course lasting 6 months or more, up to 3 books for 30 days
  • Postgraduates attending courses that last less than three months, up to 2 books for 7 days

Can I renew books I have borrowed?

Yes.  Books that have not been requested by another borrower, can be renewed:

Students are allowed unlimited 30-day renewals; ALL members, teaching staff and Erasmus students are allowed 1 renewal.

How and where can I make photocopies in the Library?

The Library has self-service photocopy machines (4 machines for students and 1 for teaching staff) located near the Delivery Room. You can buy the photocopy card (150 copies) in the same room (a €5 banknote is required to purchase the card).

Can I scan documents in the Library?

Documents can be scanned in accordance with current regulations and where it does not affect their preservation. Eleven self-service scanner are available in the Library.

Electronic Resources

Can I use the Library's electronic resources from an off-campus location?

Many of the electronic resources the Library subscribes to can be accessed off-campus (remote access service).

Can I use the Library's electronic resources if I am an external user?

No, only institutional users and members of associated organizations can use electronic resources.

What can I do if I have problems accessing the electronic resources?

Write to or call +39.06.8522.5602.

Are there English language electronic resources?

The Library subscribes to a number of foreign electronic resources, both in English and in other languages such as French or Spanish. You can consult a complete list or browse the catalog of periodicals by language.