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The Luiss Library celebrates the International Women's Day

On the occasion of the International Women's Day 2021, the Library promotes the excellence of Scientific Research created by female members of the Luiss Faculty, also disseminated through the Research Newsletter.

Each and every one of us has the power to change the world
Gitanjali Rao - "Kid of the Year" Time, 2020



Read the interview in which Business and Management Professor Valentina Meliciani explains her recent paper on the impact of regulation policies and research network policies on environmental innovation. 
Research at Luiss University - n.1, spring 2019

“Green patents, regulatory policies and research network policies”, by Valentina Meliciani (with Guarini, Giulio; Fabrizi, Andrea). (2018). Research Policy 47(6), 1018-1031.




Read the interview in which Law Assistant Professor Cristina Fasone explains her recent paper on how Canadian federal model has become increasingly popular and shows features and challenges similar to some regional and federal European countries. 
Research at Luiss University - n.2, summer/autumn 2019

Canada as an ‘importer’ and as an ‘exporter’ of federal arrangements: A view from Europe, by Cristina Fasone. (2019). DPCE Online 1, 643-671. 



simona romaniRead the interview in which Business and Management Professor Simona Romani explains her recent paper on the role of the Consumer Reshoring Sentiment (CRS) in the company reshoring decision process. 
Research at Luiss University - n.3, winter 2020

Reshoring from a demand-side perspective: Consumer reshoring sentiment and its market effects, by Simona Romani (with Silvia Grappi, Richard P. Bagozzi). (2018). Journal of World Business 53, 194-208.



marta simoncini

Read the interview in which Marta Simoncini, Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, explains her paper, cited by the German Constitutional Court in a Case of July 2019, on the sustainability of the “Meroni doctrine” on the balance of powers, focusing on the case of the EASA's rule-making powers. 
Research at Luiss University - n.3, winter 2020

The erosion of the Meroni doctrine. The case of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), by Marta Simoncini. (2015). European Public Law 21(2), 309-342. 


maria giulia amadio vicere

Maria Giulia Amadio Vicerè has been awarded the Marie Curie Fellowship, a European research grant, to pursue her study on “EUDIC- EU Foreign Policy Differentiation and Integration: Informal Groups in EU Approach to Conflicts and Crises”. Read more 

Research at Luiss University - n.4, spring 2020




cristina alaimo

Read the interview in which Political Science Assistant Professor Cristina Alaimo explains her recent paper on social media as multi-player associations characterized by synergies and complementarities. 
Research at Luiss University - n.4, spring 2020

Platforms as service ecosystems: Lessons from social media, by Cristina Alaimo (with Ioannis Kallinikos). (2020). Journal of Information Technology 35(1): 25-48.



megha patnaik

Read the interview in which Economics Assistant Professor (Research) Megha Patnaik discusses her recent paper on what explains the large differences in the quality of managerial practices of US firms. 
Research at Luiss University - n.5, summer/autumn 2020

What Drives Differences in Management Practices?, by Megha Patnaik (with Nicholas Bloom … et al.). (2019). American Economic Review 109(5): 1648-83.