BPR: Bibliografia del Parlamento italiano e degli studi elettorali

BPR (Bibliography of the Italian Parliament and electoral studies) is a citation database with references of books and journal articles concerning:

  • the Italian Parliament since the granting of the Albertine Statute in 1848, thus including the parliamentary experience of the Savoy state, up to today;
  • the National Council and the Constituent Assembly;
  • electoral studies (laws, procedures, behavior), with reference to political elections in the same historical period both at national and local level.

The BPR includes legal studies but also studies conducted from a political point of view, organizational science, political sociology, as well as historiographical literature on the subject. Articles in newspapers and weekly magazines, parliamentary acts, sentences, laws and regulations are excluded.

Using documents in the public domain or on the basis of agreements with private and public publishers, it presents a selection of full-text documents (indexes of monographic works, sentences, periodical articles, contributions in miscellaneous works), attached to the bibliographic reference.

Since 2002, the BPR has also reported documents that can be found on the main legal websites.

Biblioteca della Camera dei deputati

from 1848