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Transformative Agreements

Transformative agreements are transition contracts based on the Read & Publish model negotiated between institutions (libraries, national and regional consortia) and publishers which, in addition to access to journals, allow open access publishing, without further payment of fees, articles by authors belonging to the institution who intend to publish their work in this way.

In the majority of cases, journals born completely open access do not require the payment of APC (Article Processing Charges, i.e. publication costs).

"Traditional" publishers also require payment of APC for their so-called "hybrid" journals, for which the possibility of publishing articles in open access is offered. In this case the journal remains accessible by subscription, but the single article can become Open Access by paying the APC.

In this context, the transformative contracts intend to shift the expenditure of institutions to access paid content towards that of publishing open access content, making it available to all and permanently. The only amount established by this type of contract includes both access to the journals and the payment of APCs which the authors belonging to the subscribing institution will be able to benefit from, for an unlimited or pre-established number of articles.

The published article is generally licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY or other Creative Commons licenses, and authors retain the rights to the publication.

In the case of multiple authors, the option of open access publication without further payment is provided if the corresponding author is affiliated with the subscribing body. In the case of several corresponding authors, the publisher considers the person who actually submits the article (submitter) as corresponding.

The Library staff, on the basis of the CRUI agreement, will verify and validate the request for publication in open access on the publisher's platform.

Luiss Library adheres on behalf of the University to some transformative contracts negotiated by CARE-CRUI with the major international publishers starting from 2020. 

Active Transformative Agreements