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Open Access

Open Access is a movement born within the Academic world that promotes the sharing and dissemination of scientific knowledge through free, immediate and unrestricted access to research results and data.

The principle of open access responds to the highest constitutional values to promote cultural, research and technical development, as well as safeguard academic freedom. In particular, the principle aims: to strengthen the dissemination of scientific research on an international level, to decrease duplication of scientific studies, to strengthen interdisciplinary research and the transfer of knowledge to businesses, to increase transparency to the public, to make studies more useful to teaching, and to guarantee conservation of research production.

Luiss University, in compliance with articles B.1. 9. Research and teaching and C.1.3. Rules of conduct for Faculty of its Code of Ethics, promotes the principle of Open Access as defined by the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to  Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities signed in October 2003, to which the University adhered with the Messina Declaration of 2004.

Since 2017  the Library, on behalf of the University, adheres to the OpenAIRE project.

From 2020 the Library, on behalf of the University, adheres to some transformative agreements or contracts with incentives for the publication of articles in Open Access, negotiated by  CARE-CRUI with the major international academic publishers. 

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University Policy

Since 2016, Luiss has adopted an open access policy to regulate the dissemination of scientific research produced by the University. The policy suggests as a preferential choice the self-archiving in open access within the Institutional archive (Green road) and provides methodological and operational indications to Luiss researchers.

Open Science

The European Commission has included the Open Science policy within the priorities for the European Strategic Innovation Plan 2020-2024, an approach to the scientific process that focuses on spreading knowledge as soon as it is available using digital and collaborative technology.

About Open Science, Open Data and Open Access:

More information is available at the web page dedicated to Open Science on the Research's website.