Oxford Politics Trove

Textbooks platform published by Oxford University Press in the field of Politics. The library subscribes the collections named International Relations 2021 and European Union Politics 2021 providing access to the following full text titles:

  • Comparative European Politics, First Edition, Costello and Robinson
  • Contemporary Security Studies, Fifth Edition, Collins
  • Democracies and Authoritarian Regimes, First Edition, Kendall-Taylor et al.
  • Democratization, Second Edition, Haerpfer et al.
  • European Integration Theory, Third Edition, Wiener, Börzel and Risse
  • European Union Politics, Sixth Edition, Cini and Perez-Solorzano Borragan
  • Foreign Policy, Third Edition, Smith, Hadfield and Dunne
  • Foundations of European Politics, First Edition, de Vries et al.
  • Global Environmental Politics, First Edition, Morin, Orsini and Jinnah
  • Global Political Economy, Sixth Edition, Ravenhill
  • Global Politics, First Edition, Lawson
  • Human Rights: Politics and Practice, Third Edition, Goodhart
  • International Relations and the European Union, Third Edition, Hill, Smith and Vanhoonacker
  • International Relations Theories, Fifth Edition, Dunne
  • Introduction to International Relations, Seventh Edition, Jackson, Sorensen and Møller
  • Origins and Evolution of the European Union, Second Edition, Dinan
  • Policy-Making in the European Union, Eighth Edition, Wallace
  • Politics and International Law, First Edition, Scicluna
  • Politics in the Developing World, Fifth Edition, Burnell, Rakner and Randall
  • Strategy in the Contemporary World, Sixth Edition, Baylis, Wirtz and Gray
  • The European Union, How Does it Work?, Fifth Edition, Kenealy, Peterson and Corbett
  • The Globalization of World Politics, Eighth Edition, Baylis, Smith and Owens
  • The Institutions of the European Union, Fourth Edition, Peterson and Hodson
  • The Member States of the European Union, Third Edition, Bulmer and Lequesne
  • The Politics of the Earth, Third Edition, Dryzek

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