BoardEx Core Reports

BoardEx provides information and data relating to board members of most publicly traded companies in North America, the UK and Europe, and includes data on directors, senior executives and employees whose remuneration is disclosed in financial statements (disclosed earners).

It provides profiles of corporate executives (including certain demographics, education and career, compensation, board and committee members, etc.), as well as links between them and between companies.

Use BoardEx data for example to analyze connections between boards, their composition, data on remuneration and networks. The following datasets are available for each region:

  • 01_Board Summary (summary of the composition of the Board by year, including salaries, committees, ratios, totals)
  • 02_Committee Details (for each year and committee, members, their roles and status)
  • 03_Company Announcements
  • 04_Company Details (information on headquarters and contacts, capitalization, turnover, auditors and banks)
  • 05_Company Network_mapped (for each company as it is related, through individuals, to other companies)
  • 06_Compensation - 1999-Current
  • 07_Director Network_mapped (for each director as it is in relation, through other companies, to other individuals)
  • 08_Director Profile - Various (characteristics, personal data, education, positions on and off the boards, other activities)
  • 09_Org Analysis Averages (summary per year with statistical data relating to the board, average salaries, characteristics of the company)
  • 10_SMDEs Company Announcements
  • 11_SMDEs Compensation - 1999-Current
  • 12_SMDEs Network_mapped (for Senior Man agers and, where available, disclosed earners, how they relate, through other companies, to other individuals)
  • 13_SMDEs Org Summary
  • 14_SMDEs Profile - Various (for Senior Managers and, where available, disclosed earners, characteristics, personal data, education, positions within and off the boards, other activities).

The regions covered by the subscription are North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. The datasets are available in Excel, stored on a secure server of the University.

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