Center for Art Law

Center for Art Law is an American nonprofit that offers educational resources and programming for the advancement of arts and law community. Created in 2009, today the Center is the only independent art law entity in the United States dedicated to writing, gathering, and sharing law and visual arts information for the benefit of artists, students, lawyers and academics.

The Premium Course Subscription provides:

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  • access to the Center's archived materials including, where available, recordings of past webinars and workshops’ handouts
  • access to the Case Law Corner (summaries of recent and ongoing art law litigation)
  • access to over 1,100 relevant and editorially independent articles
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On the platform the Center publishes articles, provides insights, and aggregate art law resources, including law firms, educational courses, books, films, artists’ assistance, and bar associations.

Their monthly newsletter, the “Art Law Blast”, is an engaging rundown of upcoming events, legal cases, recent news, publications, exhibitions, and more.

The Center organizes virtual and in-person conferences, lectures, workshops, screenings, and studio tours. They work closely with law schools, student societies, law firms, arts organizations, and bar associations to plan events and to offer networking opportunities.

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Center for Art Law
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