DeJure (Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre)

The database contains various archives:

Italian Cases

  • Cases: pronounced by the Constitutional Court, the Civil and Criminal Cassation and other 64 authorities of both legitimacy and merit;
  • Cases of the Civil Cassation: full text of a large selection starting from 1986 and full collection from 2006 onwards;
  • Cases of the Criminal Court: full text of a large selection starting from 1995 and full collection from 2006 onwards (with the exception of those in section VII;
  • Administrative Cases: full text of a wide selection of TAR and CdS sentences starting from 1998, of the Court of Auditors since 2001 and by the Councilor Giust. Amm of Sicily since 2005;
  • Trials: full text of a vast selection of the most important trials issued in all Italian courts since 2001.

Legislative sources

  • Legislative collection of provisions in text in force since 1945 and a wide selection of previous regulations. The texts are also reported in their historical text as originally published in the Official Gazette;
  • Collection of Circulars, Notes, Resolutions starting from 1998;
  • Regional and European legislation;
  • Codes in current text with Preliminaries, implementing provisions and regulations. Enriched by editorial interventions and notes.

Legal doctrine

  • Articles on jurisprudential rulings, taken from Giuffré magazines starting from 1995;
  • Forms: procedural and extra-judicial formulas
  • Bibliography: bibliographic research on doctrine since 1980
  • Very latest: a review of the main news regarding jurisprudence, doctrine and legislation.
Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre
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