IMF eLibrary data

The e-Library of the International Monetary Fund provides access to the publications (periodicals, books, working papers and studies) produced by the IMF, as well as to the statistics and economics data platform (

The topics covered by the IMF are in particular: macroeconomic data, globalization, development, trade, demographic analysis, emerging markets, poverty reduction.

The publications are available for download in several digital formats: PDF, ePUB, XML and Mobi.

The main e-Journals available are: World Economic Outlook, Global Financial Stability Report, Fiscal Monitor, Regional Economic Outlook reports, Research Bulletin, IMF Survey, IMF Staff Papers, Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions.

The main statistical databases available are:

  • International Financial Statistics (IFS): 32,000 time series relating to over 200 countries regarding Exchange Rates and Exchange Rate Arrangements, Fund Accounts, Government Finance, Interest Rates, International Liquidity, International Transactions, Monetary Statistics, National Accounts and Population, Prices, Production, and Labor. The data are also available in the IFS Yearbook.
  • Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS): provides data relating to export and import, especially: Composition of country, world, and area pages, Consistency between partner country data, Currency, Estimation procedures. The data is also available in the DOTS Yearbook.
  • Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS): reports the aggregate and detailed time series for the balance of payments and international investments of countries. The data is also available in the BOPS Yearbook.
  • Government Finance Statistics (GFS): contains statistical data on the financial operations of the governments of 156 countries. The data is also available within the GFS Yearbook.
International Monetary Fund

e-Books: from 1946; e-Journals: depending on the title; statistics: from 1948 (IFS), from 1980 (DOTS), from 1960 (BOPS), from 1990 (GFS).