MarketLine provides a large amount of information in economics and finance:

  • 8.600 Industry profiles (data and market analysis);
  • 100.000 Company profiles;
  • Cities profiles;
  • Country profiles;
  • Case Studies;
  • Company News and informative records on M&A (Financial Deals).

Through the platform it also available the access to specific databases and analysis tools:

  • Country Statistics (macroeconomic and demographic indicators for over 200 countries, historical and forecast);
  • City Statistics (historical and forecast data for social and macroeconomic indicators relating to over 1,950 cities in the world);
  • Company Prospector (analysis of companies and construction of lists of potential partners, customers or investment targets in the sectors and countries of interest);
  • Market Data Analytics (market analysis relating to approximately 50 countries and over 30 market sectors; allows you to view and download historical and forecast data since 2000 on: Market Value, Market Volumes, Company Shares, Brand Shares, Distribution);
  • Value & Supply Chain Analysis (comprehensive analysis to evaluate market size, forecasts, trends, leading companies, the distribution chain and its interaction with other markets or sectors);
  • Industry Statistics Database (built-in interactive charts to quickly understand market growth trends, compare metrics across geographies, and evaluate along with macro data series such as GDP and population). The database is integrated in the Industry Data Work Folders module which allows a comparison between the various international markets and export raw data to Excel to be able to process them using statistical software;
  • Influensers Database (profiling of leaders and key success factors of a number of emerging technologies in the fields of macroeconomics, geopolitics, sustainability, demographics, artificial intelligence, BlockChain and well-being).

News and information about Case Studies and Reports:

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