One Fiscale (formerly Fisconline and Sistema Leggi d'Italia)

The database was created from the integration of various digital platforms by Wolters Kluwer Italia including CEDAM, UTET Giuridica and IPSOA with a particular focus on the tax law field.

The portal is made up of various archives which lets you consult: legal doctrines, jurisprudence and regional and national legislation, community legislation, practices, forms and accounting and auditing principles. In the menu item "Topics" the main tax issues are described and correlated with the other contents of the database.

The legal doctrines include:

  • 70 journals published by Wolters Kluwer with the full text in PDF
  • Legal codes with commentaries: VAT, TUIR, Indirect taxes and local taxes, Assessment and Collection
  • The platform also provides access to the My Library and Professional Newsstand portals and to IPSOA Quotidiano.

In-depth guides and webinars are available at the page

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