How to access Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg terminals are accessible exclusively on campus. Use this guide to find out more about how to getting started with the database.

Where to access Bloomberg

Bloomberg Professional is accessible on-campus only.

If you want to access the resource on-campus:

  • PhDs and Faculty workstation at viale Romania: on the 5th floor, the stand-alone terminal in the open-space next to the DEF Phd/Professors’ room 
  • Students' workstations at viale Romania: Rooms 301 (pc: 1) and 306 (pc: 3)
  • Workstations at Villa Blanc: Room C105 - first floor of the small villa C

If you want to access the Library 4 terminals at via di Santa Costanza book a session (for a maximum of 3 hours) via EasyAcademy system.

How to access Bloomberg

Once logged into the computer, launch the Bloomberg software and follow 2 steps to access Bloomberg


Step 1: If you do not have done before, you need to register to Bloomberg and create a personal account:

Click on <Enter> or <GO> to begin


Step 2: Click on Create a New Login and follow the instructions


Note: To use Bloomberg on Excel, you first need to install the Office add-in on your profile (only at the first access): 
Getting started with Bloomberg Professional
Bloomberg Market Concepts

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) certification can be obtained on Bloomberg terminals in Luiss seats by attending an online course of 10 hours approximately.

BMC consists of 3 sections — Core Concepts (includes four modules – Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, Equities), Getting Started on the Terminal and Portfolio Management. The sections are woven together from Bloomberg data, news, analytics and television. 

The course is available through the Bloomberg Terminal at BCER <GO>

Please remember to register as a single-user and not as a class member.

Bloomberg Error Codes

Remember to be well-advised in downloading data to avoid reaching subscription limits for yourself and all other users. 

Bloomberg Help desk can help you on how to create more efficient data queries to minimize the number of hits. However, they will not reset the data limit.

Most popular error messages refer to:

  1. Daily limit - Error code for usage exceeding daily limit: #N/A Daily.
  2. Monthly limit - Error code for usage exceeding monthly limit: #N/A Review.
  3. Real-time limit - 3500 consecutive real time requests at any one time.

For a complete list of error messages visit NYU Library Answers.

Contacting Bloomberg for help

Bloomberg Terminal users can contact the Support through HELP HELP <GO> or PRTL <GO>

If you do not have access to your Terminal, we suggest you to send an e-mail for information to