The database contains information on over 43,000 public and private banks from around the world. The data (with a time series up to 7 years) is available in various formats including:

  • Global Standard Format with 57 internationally standardized balance sheet items
  • Global Detailed Format with over 650 internationally standardized variables
  • National "as filed" Format, also in original language, with over 3,000 items
  • 38 pre-calculated balance sheet ratios

Among the various modules that can be consulted there are:

  • Ownership Manager and exponents (Contacts)
  • Original Documents in pdf, which can also be reached by clicking on the individual financial indicators within the source
  • News reports
  • Factiva Dow Jones

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Moody's Analytics (former Bureau van Dijk)
Access note
Access through IDEM authentication; the Library members and Alumni can access the resource from the Library computers only

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