Bloomberg Professional

The platform allows for the analysis and real-time monitoring of financial markets, as well as the ability to execute orders transmitted on electronic networks.

Financial and economic information for research and chronological analysis, even at high frequency (intraday data), on ordinary shares, market indices, bonds, credit ratings, company balance sheets, interest and exchange rates, macroeconomic data, futures and options, warrants, commodities, Bond Indices and CDS, ESG. The platform also allows you to analyze and monitor financial markets in real time.

A guide to basic functions by prof. Borri is available for students. Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) certification can be obtained on Bloomberg terminals in Luiss seats by attending an online course of 10 hours approximately (more information on BMC). Headphones are required to follow the course.

At last, on the Bloomberg terminals it is possible to register and participate in the thematic webinars available on the platform:

Bloomberg Professional is accessible on-campus only.

See the guide How to access Bloomberg Professional.

Bloomberg L.P.
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Visit the Guides section of the Library webpage to discover more info to access the database from viale Romania computers