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The database contains information on over 43,000 public and private banks from around the world. The data (with a time series up to 7 years) is available in various formats including:

  • Global Standard Format with 57 internationally standardized balance sheet items
  • Global Detailed Format with over 650 internationally standardized variables
  • National "as filed" Format, also in original language, with over 3,000 items
  • 38 pre-calculated balance sheet ratios

Among the various modules that can be consulted there are:

  • Ownership Manager and exponents (Contacts)
  • Original Documents in pdf, which can also be reached by clicking on the individual financial indicators within the source
  • News reports
  • Factiva Dow Jones

More information on the new BankFocus platform and key additional content.

See the access guide using your Luiss credentials.

Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing
Fitch Ratings, Factiva, Capital Intelligence, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Moody's, Standard & Poor's
Allowed Domains
studenti.luiss.it, luiss.it
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Access through IDEM authentication (to download the guide enter your Luiss account); the Library members and members of the Luiss Alumni Association can access the resource from the Library computers only

last 5-7 years

Open access  dictionary edited by the scientific committee of the National Association for the Encyclopedia of the Bank and the Stock Exchange (Assonebb). Available in Italian and English, it is a collaborative digital encyclopedia that is not open, in which new entries are checked by the editorial staff and by the scientific committee of Assonebb to guarantee the scientific quality. It contains contributions relating to the banking and financial system of an economic, legal, social and institutional nature.


The platform allows for the analysis and real-time monitoring of financial markets, as well as the ability to execute orders transmitted on electronic networks.

Financial and economic information for research and chronological analysis, even at high frequency (intraday data), on ordinary shares, market indices, bonds, credit ratings, company balance sheets, interest and exchange rates, macroeconomic data, futures and options, warrants, commodities, Bond Indices and CDS. The platform also allows you to analyze and monitor financial markets in real time.

A guide to basic functions by prof. Borri is available for students. Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) certification can be obtained on Bloomberg terminals in Luiss seats by attending an online course of 10 hours approximately (more information on BMC). Headphones are required to follow the course.

At last, on the Bloomberg terminals it is possible to register and participate in the thematic webinars available on the platform.

To access the resource from the terminals at viale Romania campus or Villa Blanc, see the guides using your Luiss credentials:

Bloomberg L.P.
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studenti.luiss.it, luiss.it
Access note
Visit the Guides section of the Library webpage to discover more info to access the database from viale Romania computers

BoardEx provides information and data relating to board members of most publicly traded companies in North America, the UK and Europe, and includes data on directors, senior executives and employees whose remuneration is disclosed in financial statements (disclosed earners).

It provides profiles of corporate executives (including certain demographics, education and career, compensation, board and committee members, etc.), as well as links between them and between companies.

Use BoardEx data for example to analyze connections between boards, their composition, data on remuneration and networks. The following datasets are available for each region:

  • 01_Board Summary (summary of the composition of the Board by year, including salaries, committees, ratios, totals)
  • 02_Committee Details (for each year and committee, members, their roles and status)
  • 03_Company Announcements
  • 04_Company Details (information on headquarters and contacts, capitalization, turnover, auditors and banks)
  • 05_Company Network_mapped (for each company as it is related, through individuals, to other companies)
  • 06_Compensation - 1999-Current
  • 07_Director Network_mapped (for each director as it is in relation, through other companies, to other individuals)
  • 08_Director Profile - Various (characteristics, personal data, education, positions on and off the boards, other activities)
  • 09_Org Analysis Averages (summary per year with statistical data relating to the board, average salaries, characteristics of the company)
  • 10_SMDEs Company Announcements
  • 11_SMDEs Compensation - 1999-Current
  • 12_SMDEs Network_mapped (for Senior Man agers and, where available, disclosed earners, how they relate, through other companies, to other individuals)
  • 13_SMDEs Org Summary
  • 14_SMDEs Profile - Various (for Senior Managers and, where available, disclosed earners, characteristics, personal data, education, positions within and off the boards, other activities).

The regions covered by the subscription are North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. The datasets are available in Excel, stored on a secure server of the University.

Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC group
Allowed Domains
studenti.luiss.it, luiss.it
Access note
To request the access send an e-mail to reference@luiss.it

from 1999 (last update 2022, November)

BPR (Bibliography of the Italian Parliament and electoral studies) is a citation database with references of books and journal articles concerning:

  • the Italian Parliament since the granting of the Albertine Statute in 1848, thus including the parliamentary experience of the Savoy state, up to today;
  • the National Council and the Constituent Assembly;
  • electoral studies (laws, procedures, behavior), with reference to political elections in the same historical period both at national and local level.

The BPR includes legal studies but also studies conducted from a political point of view, organizational science, political sociology, as well as historiographical literature on the subject. Articles in newspapers and weekly magazines, parliamentary acts, sentences, laws and regulations are excluded.

Using documents in the public domain or on the basis of agreements with private and public publishers, it presents a selection of full-text documents (indexes of monographic works, sentences, periodical articles, contributions in miscellaneous works), attached to the bibliographic reference.

Since 2002, the BPR has also reported documents that can be found on the main legal websites.

Biblioteca della Camera dei deputati

from 1848

The database is one of the richest academic sources with the full text of nearly 300,000 book chapters and journal articles covering, among others, the humanities and international law.

The Library subscribes access to the full electronic text of 14 periodicals published by Brill: 

  • African Yearbook of International Law;
  • International Community Law Review;
  • International Journal of Marine & Coastal Law;
  • International Organizations Law Review;
  • Italian Yearbook of International Law;
  • Journal of the History of International Law = Revue d'histoire du droit international;
  • Journal of World Investment & Trade;
  • Law & Practice of International Courts & Tribunals;
  • Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations;
  • Nordic Journal of International Law;
  • Ocean Yearbook;
  • Oriente Moderno;
  • Perspectives on Global Development & Technology;
  • Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis = Revue d'Histoire du Droit = The Legal History Review.
Koninklijke Brill NV
Access note
Members of Luiss Alumni Association can access the resource from the Library computers only

The database contains full text and bibliographic citations of articles taken from over 3,500 scientific, economic and social science periodicals (of which 2,000 ARE peer-reviewed) and from numerous other bibliographic sources.

It also gives access to 40,000 other materials, including e-books, Company Profiles, SWOT Analysis, Industry Reports (including those published by Datamonitor), Case Studies and Market Research Reports. You can navigate by subject through a Thesaurus created by EBSCO specialists. It also provides detailed information on over 1 million public and private companies.

From the Homepage it is also possible to select Econlit with Full Text and Historical Abstracts with Full Text databases to consult the databases at the same time. Online various in-depth materials on the use of Ebsco portals are available.

Accessibility Policy

EBSCO Publishing
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Members of Luiss Alumni Association can access the resource from the Library computers only